One of the best recurring features of LIFF is the silent movies with organ accompaniment in the town hall. There’s something pretty majestic about the organ music, played live by Leeds organist Simon Lindley, and the chance to see rarely screened classics exactly as they were meant to be seen is not to be sniffed at. Plus its free. You really couldn’t ask for better.

Over recent years I’ve mostly seen pretty well known classics – The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Golem, Faust. I’d not heard of this year’s selection, Lonesome, at all. You can sort of see why. Compared to these genre-defining heavyweights, Lonesome is a pretty slight movie. It’s a gentle, enjoyable comic drama. Our leading man and lady are each living alone, without a girl or a feller to spend the day with. They meet and some romance ensues. That’s pretty much it really. There are a few gentle shocks and moments of tension but the plot is fairly one dimensional.

For all that, it’s still good fun to watch and fascinating as a picture of the era. The enthusiasm of the carnival goers on Coney island is fantastic – ticker tape and streamers everywhere – and we’re taken on a tour of the funfair, through the hall of mirrors and onto the rollercoasters. It’s nothing groundbreaking but, at just over an hour long, its never boring and I’ll take any opportunity to see these classics on a big screen.

Moor Beer‘s Hoppiness. No slouch at 6.5% (at quite a way to start the day’s beer drinking…). Great stuff.