Sorry to Bother You

Sorry to Bother You was fantastic. What starts as a gently funny story of an Oakland couple just barely scratching out a living in an uncle’s garage steadily escalates in weirdness until it hits full blown insanity.

It certainly has a lot to say about capitalism but never veers into lecturing – it’s way too busy being absurdly funny for that. Instead, we follow Cashes Green up through the ranks of telemarketing – using his finest “white voice” – as he pursues a growing paycheck at the expense of friends and family.

Sadly, I can’t really say anything about the weird bits without giving far too much away. Suffice to say all is not as it seems at the utopian/dystopian world of WorryFree Corp.

I definitely wasn’t prepared for this to be as funny as it was – toe curlingly so in some excruciating scenes – but it really hits its mark, balancing between laughter and wincing and still having something serious to say for all of it. No idea what genre it is, but it’s great. Highly recommended.

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