I think it’s fair to confess that I’m not particularly knowledgeable about manga at all. That said, a good film is a good film – however good the source from which it’s adapted, you still need to turn out a good film.

Inuyashiki is a live action film made from a manga original. I have no idea if the manga is good or not. But I do know the film definitely fell short of its potential.

The premise is about as good as it gets. An old-ish guy and a teenager are both reconstructed by aliens and have to adjust to life with their new technologically advanced bodies (gun arms! Jet packs!). One chooses good. The other evil. Cue fight scenes.

How good does that sound?

And to its credit it does start pretty well. The whole superhero self discovery bit is fantastic. After that though it all sort of tails off. Its far too long for its own good. The middle 45 minutes or so just drag. There’s no real exciting story developments between the beginning and the inevitable show down at the end. It’s a real shame because if it had been cut a bit more tightly it would have been a lot of fun. As it was, I was getting bored by the end.

A missed opportunity.

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