Fresh Popcorn: a Reboot of Sorts

Image “No Way” by Jim Bauer under CC BY-ND 2.0

So… this blog kinda fizzled out.

It started well. Well, no, actually that’s not even true. This blog was started for 29th Leeds International Film Festival back in 2015. It lasted about 2 posts. Then it was sort of revived for the LIFF 30 last year. I made a much better run of it that time and wrote up a good number of films. And then life got in the way again.

But third time lucky, right? This time, as LIFF 31 approaches, I’m sure I’ll make more of it. Maybe. So here it is, new posts on Rum&Popcorn, dragging the dormant blog into 2017.

(Does anyone even read blogs any more? Who cares? I’m writing it anyway)

This time round I’m aiming for more than just films. Expect restaurants, drinks, Leeds events, books, and who knows what else.

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