Brunch at The Greedy Pig

The Greedy Pig on North Lane, just outside of Leeds’ centre has been on our list of must-get-round-to-eating-there-soon restaurants of Leeds for a while. Now we’re kicking ourselves for not going sooner: their brunch is fantastic.

We got there fairly late in the morning and found that several of their most enticing menu items were already gone – apparently everyone else brunches earlier than us! The staff were endlessly apologetic for this, but it really didn’t matter at all. If the dishes that had gone were even better than what was left, they must have been very good indeed. My plateful of merguez slices with roast potato, harissa and duck eggs looked astonishing and tasted even better.

As if that wasn’t enough, the prices were astonishingly reasonable and the service fast and friendly. The cafe’s evening alter-ego The Swine That Dines has also long been on our must-visit list: it’s now been bumped to the very top!