• How this all works

    I’ve not done a how-it-all-works post on here before. Truth be told, quite often I’d probably have struggled to tell you how it worked. Some nice ideas, often half-implemented, a distraction or two, and somehow there it was. Until it wasn’t… I’d regularly forget to sort out SSL certs, because I’d never got round to automating it. And writing a new post was surprisingly hard. Where did I have to put the files? What makes it build? And suddenly I’ve lost the will to work on it and gone off to do something else.

  • Why the internet is broken

    The internet is garbage

    The internet is garbage. Nearly all of it is awful. There are still pockets of good all over the place but the overwhelming trend towards big tech platforms, trapping you in walled gardens and exerting monopolistic power is incredibly depressing. What started out as a utopian dream now seems much more like a dystopian vision. Black Mirror episodes that once seemed outlandish are now basically history lessons.

  • The Hyde Park Picture House is back!

    Back in 2019…

    It’s been too long. Back in 2019, as Friends of the Picture House I remember going to an open event, full of models of the cinema and architects renders of what it might look like one day. As exciting as it was, at that point losing our favourite cinema for a whole year seemed incredibly sad. How would we have felt if we’d known it would be 3?

  • LIFF2021

    Here we go! The 35th Leeds International Film Festival launches its programme this week, ahead of the first screening in November. I think its fair to say I’m a bit excited.

  • Fleece

    Beans and peas sown last week, but the ground has been so cold and frosty! We’re hoping they’re helped out with a little bit of fleece. Hopefully it’ll keep the pigeons off too.

  • Compost bin

    Even more digging! Got one really long thin plot ready for carrots and beetroot in a short while.

  • Bank holiday sunshine

    More digging and clearing this weekend. We’ve got another bed dug, cleared around nearly all of the mystery twigs and cleared a lot of weeds.

  • Raspberries

    Finally our 6 raspberry canes have arrived! We’ve planted all 6 of them alongside the blackcurrant in our fruit bed.

  • Rhubarb in

    And the digging continues! This time we dug just a half bed and have put two rhubarb crowns in there. They’ll not do anything much this year but they’ll be good for next year.

  • Blackcurrants!

    We’ve dug yet more of the allotment. We’ve raked some soil food through it all. We’ve picked out some of the weeds we missed. And now we have planted blackcurrants! Bed #9 is designated the fruit patch: we’re hoping to get raspberries, gooseberries and maybe redcurrants too!

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